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Game Reviews
Although I have some really humble beginnings here, I think I've greatly improved my writing within the past few years. Game reviews focus mostly on older, "classic" systems because I don't own any of the current-generation systems other than a Nintendo DS.
The RAU Gallery
A group of characters from an 80's cartoon discover the wonders of the computer age in a sketch comedy that parodies the internet, videogames, cartoons, and...myself. Humor, drama, action, and romance surround a cast of original characters.

Game Music Downloads
Even in times when I'm not playing games too much, I always get enjoyment from the best of their soundtracks. This section includes tons of high-quality selections, some of it rare and unique to this site. Find some old favorites and discover new music that you may not otherwise be exposed to.
image Kid Icarus
imageThe Magic of Scheherazade

imageKing Arthur & the Knights of Justice
Three very complete shrines, and one under construction for three under-appreciated games. Well, okay, Kid Icarus has gotten more popular lately, but you won't find more thorough information for these games anywhere else.

Video Game Oddities
Humor, weirdness, glitches, hidden content, and other things you may have never have known or noticed about some old classics.
Switched at Birth?
Ever get a feeling of deja vu? Here is a collection of video game and cartoon characters who look a little too similar for comfort...

Glitches and Easter Eggs

Tons of glitches and easter eggs I either discovered throughout my many playing sessions or attempted after hearing them elsewhere and got to work. Photographic evidence for some cases. (Check out the Infernal Machine stuff for a lot of crazy crap.)
Extended Features:
Poetry Preserve
I'm not the greatest lyricist in the world, but I think these are my best works:
Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits Special
Some interesting and humorous articles I wrote awhile ago about this Playstation2 RPG and its wonderful characterizations, particularly the antics of Bebedora and Maru.

NES & SNES Midi Conversions
These are NES and SNES songs I converted using NSF2MIDI and SPC2MIDI. The quality of the conversions tends to be hit-or-miss due to the limitations of the software involved. Here are what I believe to be the Top 5 best conversions I've done and you can visit the site if you're interested in hearing more:

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